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We provide safe and potable water that is affordable and cost effective through efficient operation and excellent service.


By 2020, the BLWD shall provide potable water and waste collection, treatment and disposal available to 100% of Balanga.

Brief History of Balanga Water District

The Balanga Water District (BLWD) was formed in mid-1980 during the incumbency of then Balanga town Mayor Teodoro R. Alonzo. The Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) issued BLWD Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 124 on July 22, 1980. The original water system of Balanga City was constructed in 1929, consisting of an elevated concrete storage tank, distribution lines, and a deepwell as the source of supply. The Balanga Water District actually began full operation on August 1, 1980; its service connections numbered 1,342. All connections then were un-metered, hence the water pressure throughout the system was sadly very low. Water billings were inadequate even to cover the cost of electric power and salaries of employees. However, the municipal government, very eager to see the water district succeed, provided a financial subsidy amounting to P40,000.00. another P20,000.00 was solicited from the provincial government thru the intercession of the municipal mayor.

The Balanga Water District, early on, was granted a mini-loan of P300,000.00 by LWUA. This was utilized in the procurement of tools and water meters. The district was able to procure 1,500 pieces of water meters through LWUA.

BLWD’s metering program began in October 1980, when the first metered rate was implemented. From the previous flat rate of P12 per month, the new metered rate became P18 minimum charge.

BLWD has 20 employees under the leadership of its General Manager, Engr. Arsenio M. Dizon, and the members of the Board of Directors were the following wherein which they were given 5 yrs. Term as member of the Board:

  • Engr. Pedro Ongoco – Chairman
  • Mr. Norberto F. Reyes – Vice-Chairman
  • Mrs. Carmelita P. Banzon – Member/Secretary
  • Mr. Victorino C. Javier – Member
  • Mr. Manuel G. Banzon, Jr. – Member

In later years, the system was expanded and several other smaller systems were acquired. To date, it has integrated into one network, the original system and four barangay systems, aside from the systems of five subdivisions which functions separately. The systems were formerly managed by the Balanga Water Works but with the formation of Balanga Water District on July 22, 1980, the water system was turned over to the Water District.

On January 2004, the Board of Directors appointed Mr. Carlito B. De Leon as the General Manager due to the retirement of Engr. Arsenio M. Dizon. Lacking technical knowhow, the Board of Directors appointed Engr. Arsenio M. Dizon as Technical Consultant.

As present, the water district derives its supply from 31 deepwell sources and has 7 elevated steel tank and one elevated concrete reservoir taking care of the storage requirements. It has 47 employees, 47 regular and 7 casual employees under the leadership of its General Manager, Engr. Charlito G. Rodriguez, who assumed the post last March 2010. The present rosters of the Board of the Directors are as follows:

  • Engr. Geronimo A. Rueda – Chairman
  • Engr. Oscar B. Banzon – Vice-Chairman
  • Mr. Eduardo P. Tuazon – BOD Member
  • Ms. Lourdes L. Valdecañas – BOD Member
  • Ms. Carmelita P. Banzon – BOD Member
  • Ms. Felicitas P. Anacleto – Board Secretary

Since the partial take-over of the BLWD was put in place, the rehabilitation of the system was started and to date has so far completed the replacement of pipes in Pto. Rivas Ibaba and Itaas implemented under the Non-LWUA Initiated Fund (NLIF). The BLWD in its desire to improve its level of service, is embarking in projects mostly concerning the rehabilitation of the old system. It is only when the water system condition is improved and the system pressure is stabilized can the BLWD attain viability, financially and technically.